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12 April 2012 @ 05:03 am
Happy Birthday Tsuyoshi!!!  

I know his birthday has passed but i had to do it hehe ^^

I thought along time how to write him a birthday post but i decided to write why i love this man Domoto Tsuyoshi so much.
I will write it simple and maybe one day write a bit of how and why i started to like him but since its a birthday post you should keep it happy and fun and  i will hehehe ^^

Domoto Tsuysohi... 

Thank you for being you

Your voice touches my heart

Your smile can light up my day

Your eyes that sometimes seems expressionless can show  100 different emotions that it takes my breath away

When you dance, it makes me crazy cause man i wish i could see you dance more often ps. love the hiprolls kekek fangirl mode

Your music.... That can make me cry like a baby and that canmake me smile and be happy, thank you

And for being in Kinki kids, being a fan of you and Koichi changed my life,

And thank you for being a roll model that showed me that even though life is hard you will some day overcome it , and you will love and be loved and be happy.

There is so much more i want o write but i'll end it here ^___^

So Tsuyoshi, congratulation on your birthday and i hope you'll be happy <3

//From a girl that will always be thankful and be your fan

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Current Music: Love is the mirage- Domoto Tsuyoshi